If only! by badskirt - amy
If only!, a photo by badskirt - amy on Flickr.

My name is Amy and it's been ten years since my last jigsaw puzzle. I used to be a bit of an addict and I've recently, as of yesterday, fallen off the wagon.

In fairness, there is no denying it's a gorgeous puzzle. When I first saw the box on flickr, I easily justified placing an order. This quilt comes from Malka (StitchInDye). It is a quilt from her book, Fresh Quilting: Fearless Color, Design, and Inspiration The puzzle was purchased at Interweave. It arrived yesterday, as did some girl scout cookies. Score!

Some people have a knack for puzzles. I'm one of them. I'm lucky to be good at recognizing pattern, shape and color. I made this one up rather quickly, but I'm the kind of person who won't stop once she gets started on a puzzle. While the grey sections are daunting, there is enough variety of pattern in it that it would be fun for all ages. There were 759 pieces and it finishes around 19"x26".


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